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Chassily Wakefield's Journal

Chantilly White has a new release. The first is a brand new Contemporary Romance Novella, TEMPEST:. Sometimes it takes a storm to clear the air. A contemporary romance novella, Tempest is the poignant tale of two damaged souls on the verge of losing the most important thing in either of their lives.

Now, their ten-year marriage is at a terrible crossroads. They Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette through their Roulette echtes Geld, pretending everything is fine, but inside, they fear their love is dying. Win or lose, the heartbreaking battle for the survival of their marriage ends tonight.

Will a push from Mother Nature help them remember just how rare and precious their Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette truly is, or put an end to it forever? The second is a new Box Set, CHRISTMAS WISHES, VALENTINE KISSES: Christmas Wishes, Valentine Kisses: Derrick Fox only wants one gift beneath his Christmas tree—his best friend, Mia Patterson.

Mia and Derrick struggle to find the truth in themselves. Sure, she suffers the occasional twinge Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette loneliness, especially with two of her best friends, Mia and Derrick, all coupled up. Life has been anything but a party for Benjamin Turner. She wants a good time. Be sure to grab your copy today! For more information, visit her website at www. Cupid's Mistake by Romance Author Chantilly White.

As I do every summer, I went to horse camp — for the 40 th year in a row at Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette family riding stable in the Cascade foothills. Okay, so it was horse day camp and I taught kids from 5 to 14 all about horses. Now, we expected them to groom, saddle and ride by themselves. They had to lead their own horses from the stall to the various arenas, mount up, start, stop and turn on their own. A new session of camp started each Monday and Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette up with the horse show on Friday.

During the week, the campers had lessons, trail rides and games on horseback. The kids learned to control their own horses and ride in games at a walk and sometimes a trot. And I rode with them a great deal of the time. Often, I felt like the little girl in the commercial on TV, who wears a different color each day. I had a different horse for each task. She could probably Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette horse camp without me. She stepped on a nail in June, so she Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette all summer after it abscessed under the frog.

Then I poulticed it. Once I had on the sock, I went over it with vet-wrap and finished it off with duck tape. The next day, it started all over again, bring her out, cut Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette the day-old bandage, soak her foot, put on a new poultice.

The shoe-er visited her every week and the regular vet consulted on the phone. A retired show-horse, he can make even a novice look awesome and the biggest challenge I have is getting the teen students off him so I can ride him too.

August became a blur when my revisions arrived for my first book Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette 20 years. Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette did day-camp all day long and at 6 PM when the teens left, I headed for the computer.

On September 1 stI finally finished the last correction. She packs the guns to prove it Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette forks her Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette broncs and then she runs headlong into Zeb Prescott.

But, those horses live on in my memories and now they shine in my book. Check it out here. The Daddy Spell will be out as an ebook in Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette under my pen name of Josie Malone.

The second annual Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette Summer Nights author signing event is scheduled at the Olympia Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette bookstore in Olympia, WA, on Saturday, July 10th from 3 to 5 PM. Signing authors will be: Come on Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette to Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette store, meet Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette favorite authors or strike up learn more here conversation with a new-to-you writer, grab some books and get them signed!

We hope to see you there! This event is sponsored by my home chapter of Romance Writers of Americathe Olympia chapter. The Hot Summer Nights committee includes myself, Margaret Mallory, Laurie Ryan, Debby LeeBridget Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette and Dawn Calvert. I suck at time management. Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette for publication Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette all-consuming, even if you work another part- or full-time job and have a family.

I knew that would be the case, in a cerebral way, when Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette first started out. Living it was another Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette entirely. this web page picked up piles of how-to books, registered for a million newsletters, took online writing classes by the hundreds despite a degree in Creative Writing, which should have Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette me for some of this.

I joined a slew of writing organizations, including online sub-chapters, Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette gratefully soaked up the incredible depth of knowledge generously dispersed by fellow members.

I volunteered for positions and activities, and was flattered to be approached Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette others. I threw myself into it all with unbridled enthusiasm. Through it all, one message was repeated with distressing regularity: How can we promote ourselves before we have anything to Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette Luckily, I was already doing a lot of the recommended promotional items, such as joining groups and volunteering.

They were activities I enjoyed and gravitated Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette naturally. There was just one problem. I spent hours on email loops, volunteer activities, going to meetings or author events, reading all those how-to books and articles, following author and agent blogs, and taking online classes, which also provided networking opportunities.

Any free time had to be devoted to my family, or I would have had a mutiny. The learning curve is steep. This is where effective time Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette comes in. Effective time management and a little self-discipline can avert this disaster-in-waiting. Say you have 14 hours available per week. You have an RWA Romance Writers of America meeting which lasts for three hours, including dinner.

Did you include drive time to the meeting? How can you reclaim some time? Can you attend the RWA meeting, but skip dinner and buy back an hour? Is it worth it? The choices get tough, but they have to be made. Three hours of Spider Solitaire? Maybe you actually only need one or two Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette per week for promotion.

Funnel the extra time back into your writing or some down time. The choice is yours. Whatever choice you make, you will be in control of your schedule again, hopefully happier, and more relaxed. Published authors require a lot more promotional time and have to be even more dedicated to their schedules. And for your viewing pleasure when you have the time…take a few minutes to put yourself or your story inside this gorgeous photo. Where does it take you? By Chassily Wakefield 1 st Turning Point Cabin Girl www.

Get ready fer a purely profitable year of Piratical Promotion, sailing upon the open Seas of Publication. Sign on to become a subscriber—or Parrot, as we like to call our motley bunch. To learn more about 1st Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette Pointcheck out our About page. Mark your calendars now for Saturday, May 1 stour one-year anniversary! Be sure Spielautomaten für Geld Online-Casino 888 note the 1 st Turning Point article, Beat the Promotion Learning Curve—Before the Callin the latest edition of the Romance Writers Report.

Read on for an overview of the latest exciting developments on 1 st Turning Point: Make special note of our latest Saturday offering, Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette Reviewswhich debuted February 13 th to wild acclaim. Interested in finding out how your own website rates? Send the following information to crowsnest 1stTurningPoint. What else is new, you ask? How about a sparkly new Forum!

Be sure to stop in, sign up for the monthly contest, and stay awhile. There are always new topics and new Parrots to squawk with. Elf Gigolowon an Honorable Mention in the Save the Cat! Last Logline of ! Keep an eye out Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette her article in a few months. Congratulations, Laurie, and thanks for entering the contest! See you in the forum. Deborah Schneider took part in two big events: ClarkAnthea Lawson and Shelli Stevens. D as Forum Moderator, and Diana Coyle for Website Reviews.

Christina Arbini joined the ranks as a columnist, and Kris Tualla has been impressed into service —er, has signed on as well. There are now a whopping 35 Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette us on ship, not counting Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette guests who swing by to share tales of their promotion and marketing adventures. We love new faces! This is the best place to roost in all the seas!

The first class is planned for May. Be one of the first to help us launch this new part of life aboard ship. Jacquie Rogers and Ann Charles. This interactive workshop is FREE! Attendees will be chosen through a drawing, to be announced soon, so keep watch! To enter your name in the drawing, send an email to crowsnest 1stTurningPoint.

It is designed for those who are serious about building their platforms. This class involves one-on-one interaction, Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette each attendee should leave with a plan to help Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette along the journey to publishing success.

Class size limited to Stay tuned for Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette details. Are you into podcasts? Rowena CherryRobert W. WalkerAnn Charles discuss how they determine the Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette beneficial content for their websites as they go through various stages of their careers.

Booksignings For Fun and Profit. John FoxjohnDeborah SchneiderAnn Charles and others. If One Is Good, Is Two Better? John KlawitterEilis FlynnWendy Delaney and Ann Charles. What else have we been up to? Feel free to help us get the word out! Looking for more Pirate fun?

You can also follow us on MySpaceNingTwitterLinkedIn and Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette Zazzle or CafePress Bugs dem Spielautomaten, where you can find the latest Parrot Gear. We have Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette plans for !

Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette, Come visit and find out Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette how far you can go. She writes Mythic Romantic Fantasy and lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, three kids and three crazy kittens.

The text of the following interview first appeared in The Emerald City Romantic Quarterlythe Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette newsletter of GSRWAand was conducted by my friend and fellow Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette, the very cool Lori Lyn. I want to thank Lori again for inviting me to do an interview, it was a lot of fun, and also Michele Stacifabulous editor of the newsletter, and her terrific staff, for all the hard work they put into creating such a beautiful piece of art.

First, I want to thank you for the interview, how fun! This is my first one, ever. I always thought I was writing romance, either contemporary or historical, usually with paranormal or fantasy elements. Then I had a heart-to-heart with the fabulous Mary Buckhamwho very kindly asked what I was writing.

After I picked myself up off the floor, we continued talking. A Medieval Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette, plus a new Fantasy world. Epic battles between good and evil with a strong romance throughout, BUT brace yourselves… not necessarily a happy ending.

Since then, there have been many starts and stops and missteps along the way. I have four or five partial manuscripts moldering away that I will probably never revisit, but I learned a lot from each one. My click here Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette first come to me as one particular scene and almost always start off with the heroine, not the hero.

For example, my WIP originally came to me as a scene of the heroine nearly drowning. A novel I was working on last year one of those moldering away came to me as a scene of the heroine running through an apple orchard, on her way to meet a Krampfadern wie bei Spielautomaten mit Telefon, um zu gewinnen den of her friends.

The plot grows from there, with the hero taking shape based on who would be the best man for that heroine.

Laurie is an incredible teacher, and I highly recommend her classes. Not only that, I actually have two completed outlines, the WIP and a Contemporary YA Romance I began specifically for her class.

Yes, Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette, yes, they still have to be written and the WIP still requires tremendous amounts of worldbuildingbut the outlines are there: And I have the skills now to go back to the aforementioned Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette manuscripts and whip them into shape, as well!

My kids inspire me, nature inspires me. A beautiful piece of fabric, a painting, a clever phrase in a good book. But the biggest dose of inspiration I receive on. The knowledge, the support and the Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette to share is just incredible. I am not at all the same writer I was in January,nor am I the same person. My life has been enriched by these associations, on a deep, cellular level.

There Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette NO privacy, no door to shut. Our three kittens are constantly crawling all over the desk. Filing and organizing for the writing Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette has been an ongoing problem for me.

I have candles that I go here to use, and tons of instrumental music in my iTunes folder that I forget to play. I try to avoid that as much as possible. In the past, that has led to Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette working at all on school holidays or when my husband takes a day off work.

Our "kittens" who are now HUGE and into everything. With a snap and a snarl. LOL It depends Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette what it is, really. Once my family is in bed for the night, I go back to work until my eyes glaze over. If I get too caught up in minutia, I can do detail work forever and never write. I once created a member family tree, not just with their names, but their dates of birth and death, Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette name of the hospital, city, state, country where they were born, the cemetery where they were buried, the college they graduated from, the church they got Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette in, where their kids were born, why they moved there… I mean, it went on forever, for characters three or four generations back including aunts, uncles and cousins and all of THEIR spouses — I had to make up my own genealogy forms, because the Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette ones only deal with direct lines of Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette However, if I just start writing, I Casino-Übersetzung get 50 pages down pretty fast, but then come to a screeching halt because I have no idea where the story is going or who the characters really are or need to become.

The pantsing never worked out well. The most embarrassing moment I can think of among many. Eh-hemmhappened in my very first writing workshop when I was in college. The first problem turned out to be length.

Mine were never less than 30, so my classmates really hated me when it was my Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette, LOL.

But the really embarrassing moment was listening to my first critique. I could tell something was up when I walked in the door, because my classmates were fairly bristling in their seats. They loved the story. Until the very last page, when I made the ultimate für aparata Spiel mistake by killing off all my characters Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette one fell swoop because I had no idea how to end the story, and I knew I was already way over my page count.

They were positively furious. Then the instructor jumped on the bandwagon to let me know how very uncool that was and how I was to never, never, ever do such a thing again. I think it took a solid week for the blood-rush to drain back out of my cheeks. There have Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette a lot of great moments, but the very best has to be a tie between my first GSRWA Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette and first OlympiaRWA meeting.

Oh, and the Emerald City Conference. And being asked to join 1 st Turning Point. Too many to count! Though I have to admit that getting The Call will probably jump to first in line when it happens. I know you guys will understand that Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette My goal for this year Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette to complete, polish and send out my WIP.

My dream, five or so years from now, would be to have the third book in my series coming out, to wild acclaim, of course. The writing is 1. That would be a blast, and let me make use of all my favorite costumes, many of which were made specially for me by my middle daughter.

If you fight yourself too much on that, it sucks all the joy right out of the process. In its modern form: The first soft serve ice cream machine was located in an Olympia Dairy Queen! This Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette first appeared on 1st Turning Point. Each piece probes the essence of color, surface texture, and structural Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette abstract compositions often suggest geologic elements with the use of natural and man-made materials such as metals, plastic, and numerous acrylic mediums.

It was a real joy to interview her about her work and have a chance to reconnect with an old friend. Thank you for being with us, Carol! Tell me about your background in art. How did you get started? When did you know you were meant to be an artist? Art was always my best subject in school. I started out as an art major in college, but was worried that an art degree would not provide me with a sure income.

I bought all the supplies I needed, and started producing art that was well received almost immediately. Then followed a four or five year learning period of art workshops with local and nationally recognized artists.

I experimented with different styles of painting and every media from watercolor, acrylics, oils, to pastels and collage. Gradually, I narrowed my focus to acrylics, oils and mixed media. Tell me about the type of work you Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette. I Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette to paint. My style varies from realism to abstraction. My paintings reflect my emotional and responsive connection to the world around me.

Nature provides patterns, rhythms and textures that stimulate my creativity, and there comes a point when the energy of the painting emerges and the materials themselves offer suggestions and direction.

As a child, I loved creating colorful pictures. Now, I make a living doing what I love. Are you willing to modify your subject matter to help promote your work? This has given my work a certain validity with people who only appreciate realism.

I love producing many styles of art. I actually feel that a well composed abstract is more difficult to achieve than anything that is realistic. What promotional tools Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette you used or do you Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette yourself using in the future?

I often talk about the painting process, various techniques and materials on my blog. Every painting on my blog has a link to my website, where all my paintings are categorized according to subject. Paintings may be purchased directly from my website with Monkey Casino Spiele online PayPal button.

What is your ultimate goal? I suppose my goal is to be featured in a Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette art magazine, but I create my art for my personal satisfaction, not for the notoriety. I have the luxury of not Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette to support myself from my art sales. What is your take on the art world today?

Has the economy affected the atmosphere and sales? What strategies can an artist use to overcome a tough economy? The art world, like everything else, a big hit when the economy went into Studien Schließung von Spielautomaten elektive. People have to have disposable income available to buy art, and there seems to be more people willing to spend on art.

Art, like any creative endeavor, e. If I never sold anything, I would still paint and be happy. There are literally tens of thousands of people trying to express themselves with paint or music or the written word.

Living in the age of the internet is so unbelievably fabulous. The opportunities to communicate with others Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette the world involved in Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette same creative endeavors are endless. Casino Online-Handy-Version Fortune Ruby you again for being here, Carol, it was so great to talk with you.

All the best to you and in your work. This interview was first published on 1st Turning Point on January 26,as part of our featured artist schedule. Anthea Lawson is the pen name for a husband and wife writing team, co-authors of spicy Victorian-set romantic adventures. Tell me Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette your background in music. I grew up in a very musical household: I came home Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette school in 4th grade and announced I wanted to play…the trumpet!

I ended up Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette on the violin. In Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette school, I began to play fiddle music, and in college really got into Irish fiddling. Lawson Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette some guitar Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette in high school, then tucked Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette guitar in the closet when he left home for college.

After we met, he called his parents and had them send his guitar to him—it was obvious that he was getting involved with a serious musician and needed to be ready! You Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette music and co-write novels with your husband, not to mention being married and raising child.

How does so Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette togetherness feed your creative muse? How do you handle creative differences? We have the temperaments for working closely together—luckily! There are inevitable differences of opinion. Usually, whoever feels the most strongly about something can talk the other one around to their point of view. Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette solid and lyrical song arrangement, a book that delights readers, or a competent and confident kid.

You also teach violin. Getting people hooked on playing the fiddle. I love the traditional music idioms Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette, Old-time, Quebecois, Contradance and the way people can go out, have fun, and make music socially with only a handful of tunes under their fingers.

Do you have a manager? How is promoting your music different from promoting your novels? Is there overlap between the two fields? In terms of promotion, we apply to festivals and concert series with a Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette pack that includes a CD, band bio, and glowing reviews. March is go here busy month for us, with St.

I think the overlap between promoting a band and promoting an author comes in the big areas like branding, word of mouth, and taking the opportunities that come your way. How has the economy affected the band? Is it harder to find paying gigs?

What strategies do you employ for Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette those obstacles? The economy has definitely made it harder to find gigs. A few venues have folded or are not hiring as many bands.

We still have Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette regular gigs—St. Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette are your musical goals, personally and for the band? I think it must be similar to self-publishing in nonfiction to a tightly targeted market. Stores Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette specialize in Celtic Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette or folk music are willing to carry our CDs. We have played national and international music Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette and made a lot of people happy with our music.

What could be better? Ok, maybe selling another Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette CDs, but the music is only Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette part of what we do.

Where can local readers see you play next? Thanks so much Chassily and 1st Turning Point for having us back, this time wearing our musician hats! Thank you for being here, Anthea! The first worry, of Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette, was what to wear.

Did I need a suit jacket? Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette about the shoes? They were an amazing resource, and I know that Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette helped calm the nerves of more than a few newbies.

The fact that we devolved into comedy toward the last few days before conference helped enormously, and also got us started thinking about scheduling for I carpooled with Kate Diamond check out her posts on Damned Scribbling Womenwhich was a blast. We went up to the hotel a day early in order to attend Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette synopsis workshop led by Deborah Cooke Claire Delacroixand to help stuff goodie bags for the conference. Kate was a hoot to drive with, full of great advice and book recommendations.

As a double finalist in the Emerald City Opener contest, she was also a great resource to pump for info on craft and the business of writing. Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette was a pleasure to listen to.

I had the pleasure of driving Terrel Hoffman leader Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette the infamous Eye of Argon annual Friday night reading — that was another first for me, and quite an experience! I dare youMonica Britt and Kate Diamond to the workshop, which took place at the Mercer Island Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette, and spawned this all important question: Monica and Terrel kept us in stitches the whole way there and Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette, and through our several Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette turns.

After that, it was back to the hotel for stuffing goodie bags and chowing down on excellent pizza in the hospitality suite. What an eye-opening experience! I knew, in a cerebral sort of way, how much work is involved in putting on a conference of this magnitude, but seeing those ladies in action was something to behold.

Their organizational skills were incredible. As a bonus, Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette also got to scope out the raffle baskets, as they were being put together and final touches added in that room. I put my name on several and tried to tell them not to bother wrapping them up for the raffle, just to send them straight down to my car.

That suggestion was uniformly Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette, although I did wind up with the one I wanted most of all, The Plotting Princess, which contained a hand-made tiara along with plotting tools. It was put together by Shelly Shellabarger and Celeste Deveney, who made the tiara, and was completely fabulous! Yes, Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette read that correctly, I won TWO baskets in the raffle! I never win anything. That happened for a couple of people over the course of the weekend, actually.

I won two baskets and I kept two baskets! From the first moment, any lingering nerves vanished. To a man or woman! My only regrets were in not having more time to spend and not getting to meet everyone. What an amazing group of people!

Truly fabulous, from the brand-newbies like myself to the multi-published authors, who were unbelievably generous with their time and wisdom.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard on the conference itself, and to check this out who went out of their way to make us all feel welcome and comfortable. There were too many wonderful events over those three days to go into them all. That conference had everything! The requirements are to start a new novel and finish it within that year, and if you do, you are eligible for a drawing for fabulous prizes.

Cherry is incredibly generous! Since I am in the middle of one novel already, I have to finish that one first and then write the one for the challenge, which will be Casino-Poker second in my series, so lots of writing for me this year! Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette was SO hard to choose which ones to attend. Thankfully, the conference was recorded, minus a couple of workshops, so the CD will be a real asset to have, but I still Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette to miss anything.

New friend, and fellow Las Margaritas Amiga, Helen Cho. I intend to be up there with you next year! We divided up by table, each of which had one published author to help us all work on our pitches and refine our delivery. I Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette lucky enough to be seated with the lovely Gina Robinson and a group of incredible writers. Each person had valuable advice to contribute to the table as a whole. The support and generosity of spirit of writers in general never ceases to amaze me.

The hope that everyone there would do well and succeed in their goals was a palpable feeling in that room. Every single person was invested in helping everyone else be the best they could be.

It was inspiring to see. I ended up deciding, rightly I believe, not to pitch at this conference. I am just not far enough into my novel.

Good luck to you all! On Saturday I started off by working the Hospitality Desk. I very much recommend that conference newbies, in particular, volunteer to help with as much as you can.

It was an amazing experience, and because of the volunteering, I got to meet far more people than I would have otherwise. Plus, it was a LOT of fun! After my shift, though, it was time Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette the workshops.

Over the next two days I attended classes given by Bob MayerLinda WisdomCherry AdairEileen CookSharron Gunn, and moderated Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette the incomparable Mary Buckham.

My mind has been on information overload ever since, but in a good way! I have reams of notes and every lecture contributed such value. One thing is for certain: Any others I ever attend, including Nationals next year, will have a job trying to outdo it.

It was a truly memorable, amazing experience from start to finish. I just wish Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette could have gone on longer! Thank you, again, to everyone who please click for source so hard to deliver such an exceptional event.

Thank you, too, to everyone who went out of their way to congratulate me on this beautiful new website thank you again, Emma! You guys made my day, Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette. New Release From Chantilly White! The first is a brand new Contemporary Romance Novella, TEMPEST: Tempest by Chantilly White.

Guest Author Shannon Kennedy Tells: What I Did This Summer Vacation. My First Personal Interview! The pirate garb is the favorite in my family. Interpreting the Muse—An Interview With Artist Carol Nelson. Fiddling With the Muse — An Interview With Musician Anthea Lawson of Fiddlehead. Lesa Dragon, Conference Chair Extraordinaire. What I Did This Summer Vacation Hot Summer Nights!

Lori on Guest Author Shannon Kennedy Tells: What I Did This Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette Vacation Kate Diamond on Hot Summer Nights! Kate Diamond on 1st Turning Point: Carol Hughes on My First Personal Interview! BACK TO TOP Created by Designs by Emma. Cupid's Mistake by Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette Author Chantilly White Tagged: Map Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette a hour day and a 7-day week. No writing, no reading, no family, no chores.

Fill it with something mindless if you want, like TV or Spider Solitaire set a timer! Allow for unexpected interruptions. Add up the hours you have left.

Book Video Reviews Mondays: Featured Artists and Special Guests Wednesdays: Reviews of Publishing Industry Books Thursdays: More How-To Articles Saturdays: Website Reviews New for Your author name Web designer name Website URL Plus an optional short paragraph on where you are in your career and a few items about your Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette that might be of interest.

How to Build Your Platform Location: Jacquie Rogers and Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette Charles This interactive workshop is FREE! Creating Website Content December 16, Rowena CherryRobert W. Booksignings For Fun and Profit January 20, Guests include: February 17, Guests include: The Google Book Settlement by Rowena Cherry How To Conduct An Effective Author Mobile Casino-Glücksspiel Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette Jacquie Rogers The Care and Feeding of a Book Video by Misty Taggart Trailer Gaffes and Greats by Kim McDougall Blog and Then Blog Some More—Maybe by Norman W.

Making the Most of that Dreaded Condition by Judith Laik Author Beware! How Much Spielautomaten-Emulator It Cost?

My Take by Carrie Lofty Worst Mistakes Authors Make by Rowena Cherry Author Beware! Fortune Cookie Magic Hurricane Mercedes: Call Me Kate Coming Soon—Website Reviews! Daughters Seize The Book: Contests, Pro and Con by Eilis Flynn Is Your Sex Life In Danger?

Walker Fiddling With the Muse—An Interview with Musician Anthea Lawson of Fiddlehead Celtic Band by Chassily Wakefield Damage Control for Authors by L. Cauldwell How To Market Your Novel To Hollywood by John Klawitter Everything Says Something by Theresa Meyers Industry Compass: Workshop Presentation by Anthea Lawson 1 st Turning Point has a new plug-in at the end of the articles, making it easier Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette ever to Tweet, Facebook and otherwise share article info with your friends and fellow writers.

What genres Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette sub-genres do you write? How long have you been writing with the intent of Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette published? How does a story first come to you? Tell us about something that inspires you. But the biggest dose of inspiration I receive on My gorgeous kids a daily basis comes from the Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette right here in GSRWA and my other writing loops-n-groups.

What is your daily writing regimen? Are you more of a morning worker or a night owl? Do you use any audio or visual aids when writing? What is the most important thing you need to have happen before you can begin Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette a story?

What is your most embarrassing moment regarding your writing career? What is the best moment regarding your writing life so far? Chocolate is the only possible answer to that question. What are some of your writing career goals or plans for the next years?

The pirate garb is the favorite in my family My goal for this Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette is to complete, polish Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette send out my WIP. What words of wisdom would you like to leave us with? March Bonus Question: What is the first American city to Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette police on bicycles?

Answer to January Bonus Question: I have to say it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Leading up to this conference, Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette had a lot of worries, despite knowing that many friends would be in attendance. Then there Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette all the just-for-kicks events.

Eye of Argon reading in the lobby. The fabulous book fair, where I had to practice far too much restraint. It was so hard not to walk out of there with a copy of every book! The Dinner Divas, where I met a fantastic group of women I am excited to call friends.

I did get a few pics, all from karaoke night, as you can see, but overall I was just terrible about remembering to Online-Casino-Französisch Roulette out my camera. Never let it be said that writers are lonely, solitary, quiet-type people. At least not romance writers! These people know how to party, even the shy ones. Dancing for karaoke What an event!

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