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In May, the Constitutional Union partywhich consisted of offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune former Whigs, Know Nothings, and pro-Union Democrats nominated John Bell of Tennessee for President.

This short-lived party denounced sectionalism and tried to rally support around a platform that supported the Constitution and Union. Meanwhile, the Republican party nominated Abraham Lincoln on the third ballot. The election revealed how divided the country had become. There were actually offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune separate sectional campaigns: Only Stephen Douglas mounted a truly national campaign.

The Republicans did not campaign in the South and Lincoln's name did not appear on the ballot in ten states. In the final balloting, Lincoln won only Petigrua offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune South Carolina unionist, reportedly responded to the Palmetto State's actions by saying that his state was too small for a country and too large for an insane asylum. Read article the Upper South, opposition to secession was watch online 007 greater.

In Virginia, on February 4, opponents of immediate secession received twice as many votes as proponents, while Tennessee voters rejected a call for a secession convention.

Visit web page February 1, a secession convention in Texas voted to leave the Union. Three weeks later, a popular vote ratified the decision by a three-to-one margin. Texas Governor Sam Houstonwho owned a dozen slaves, repudiated secession and refused to take an oath of allegiance to the Confederacy.

As a result, he was forced from office. In early Februarythe states of the lower South offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune a new government, the Confederate States offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune Americain Montgomery, Alabama, and offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune a constitution. Although modeled on the U. Constitution, this document specifically referred to slavery, state sovereignty, and God. It explicitly guaranteed slavery in the states and territories, but prohibited the international slave trade.

It also limited the President to a single six-year term, gave the President a line-item veto, required a two-thirds vote of Congress to admit new states, and prohibited protective tariffs and government funding of internal improvements.

As President, the Confederates selected former U. Senator and Secretary of War Jefferson Davis The Alabama secessionist William L.

Yancey introduced Davis as Confederate President by declaring: Prosperity, honor, and victory await his administration. At first glance, Davis seemed much more qualified to be President than Lincoln. Unlike the new Republican President, who had no formal education, Davis was a West Point graduate. And while Lincoln had only two weeks of military experience, as a militia captain, without combat experience in the Black Hawk War, Davis had served as a regimental commander during the Mexican War.

In office, however, Davis's rigid, offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune personality; his poor health; his inability to delegate authority; and, offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune all, his failure to inspire confidence in his people would make him a far less effective chief executive than Lincoln.

During the war, a southern critic described Davis as "false and hypocritical Threats of secession were nothing new. Some Southerners had threatened to leave the Union during a Congressional debate over slavery inthe Missouri Crisis of andthe Nullification Crisis of andand the crisis over California statehood in article source In each case, the crisis was resolved by compromise.

Many expected the same pattern to prevail in Four months separated Lincoln's election to the presidency and his inauguration. During this period, there were two major compromise efforts. Crittenden of Kentucky, who held Henry Clay's old Senate seat, proposed a series of Constitutional amendments, including one to extend the Missouri Compromise line to the Pacific Ocean, in defiance of the Compromise of and the Offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune Scott decision.

The amendment would prohibit slavery north of the line but explicitly protect it south of the line. On January 16,however, the Senate, which was controlled by Democrats, refused to consider the Crittenden compromise. Every Republican Senator opposed the measure and six Democrats abstained. On March 4, the Senate reconsidered Crittenden's compromise proposal and defeated it by a single vote. Meanwhile, Virginia had proposed a peace convention to be held in Washington, D.

Delegates, who Casino nicht Club für ist Geld Land 21 of the 34 states, voted narrowly to recommend extending the Missouri Compromise line to the Pacific. The delegates also would have required a four-fifths vote of the Senate to acquire new territory. The Senate rejected the convention's proposals 28 to 7. Compromise failed in early because it would have required the Republican Click to repudiate its guiding principle: President-elect Lincoln made the point bluntly in a message to a Republican in Congress: The instant you do, they have us under again; all our labor is lost, and sooner or later must be done over The tug has to come and better now than later.

In his inaugural addressLincoln attempted to be both firm and conciliatory. He declared secession to be wrong; but check this out also promised that he would "not interfere with the institution of slavery where it exists. When he delivered his inaugural addressthe new President assumed that there was time for southern pro-union sentiment, which he greatly overestimated, to reassert itself, making a peaceful resolution to the crisis possible.

The next morning, however, offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune received a letter from Robert Anderson informing him that Offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune Sumter's supplies would be exhausted in four to six weeks and that it would take a 20,man force to reinforce the fort. Lincoln received conflicting advice about what to do. Winfield Scotthis commanding general, saw "no alternative to surrender," convinced that it would take eight months to prepare naval and ground forces to relieve Fort Sumter.

Secretary of State William H. Seward also favored abandoning the fort to avoid provoking a civil war, but also considered the possibility of inciting a foreign war probably with France or Spain as a way to reunite the country. Lincoln's Postmaster General Montgomery Blair and Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase favored dispatching a force of warships and transports to relieve the offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune and assert federal authority, since "every hour of acquiescence In the end, Lincoln decided to try to peacefully re-supply the fort with provisions and to inform the Confederate government of his decision beforehand.

Unarmed offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune with supplies would try to relieve the fort. Only if the South Carolinians used force to stop the mission would warships, positioned outside Charleston harbor, go into action. In this way, Lincoln hoped to make the Confederacy responsible offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune starting a war.

Upon learning of Lincoln's plan, Offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune Davis ordered General Pierre G. Beauregard to force Fort Sumter's surrender before the supply mission could arrive.

April 12, Confederate guns began firing on Fort Sumter. Thirty-three hours later, the installation surrendered. Incredibly, there were no fatalities on their side.

Ironically, the only fatalities at Fort Sumter occurred just after the battle ended. During the offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune ceremony, a pile of cartridges ignited, killing one soldier, fatally wounding another, and injuring four. Lincoln was convinced that the Confederate states had seceded from the Union for the sole purpose of maintaining slavery.

Like President Jackson before him, he considered the Union to be permanent, an agreement by the people and not just of the states. Further, he strongly agreed with the sentiments voiced by Daniel Websterwhen that Whig Senator declared in"Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable. By attacking Fort Sumter, the Confederacy had directly challenged federal authority. And so the war came.

Lincoln responded to the attack on Fort Sumter by calling on the states to provide 75, militiamen for 90 days service. Twice that number volunteered. But the eight slave states still in the Union refused offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune furnish troops, and four--Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia--seceded. Offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune Confederates also felt confident. For one thing, the Confederacy had only to wage a defensive war and wait for northern morale to erode.

In contrast, the Union had to conquer and control the Confederacy'ssquare miles of territory. Further, the Confederate army seemed superior to that of the Union.

More Southerners had attended West Point or other military offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune, had served as army officers, and had experience using firearms and horses. At the beginning ofthe U. History, too, offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune to be on the South's side. Before the Civil War, most nations that had fought for independence, offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune, of course, the United States, had won their struggle.

A school textbook epitomized southern confidence: One reason why the Civil War was so lethal was the introduction of improved weaponry. Cone-shaped bullets replaced musket balls, and beginning insmooth-bore muskets were replaced with rifles with grooved barrels, which imparted spin on a bullet and allowed a soldier to hit a target a quarter of wie Geld aus dem Spin auf einer Telefonkarte zurückzuziehen mile away.

The new Sie Autorisierte Spielautomaten werden had appeared so suddenly that commanders did not immediately realize that they needed to compensate for the increased range and accuracy of rifles. The Civil War was the first war in which soldiers used repeating offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune which could fire several shots without reloadingbreech loading arms which were loaded from behind the barrel instead of through the muzzleand automated weapons like the Gatling gun.

The Civil War also marked the first use by Americans of shrapnel, offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune traps, and land mines. Outdated strategy also contributed to the high number of casualties. Massive frontal assaults and massed formations resulted in large numbers of deaths. In addition, far larger numbers of soldiers were involved in battles than in the past.

In the Mexican War, no more than 15, soldiers opposed each other in a single battle, but some Civil War battles involved as many as offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune, soldiers.

McDowell hoped to destroy Beauregard's forces while Patterson tied up Johnston's men; in fact, Johnston's troops eluded McDowall and joined Beauregard. At Bull Run in northern Virginia 25 miles southwest of Washington, the armies clashed. While residents of Washington ate picnic lunches and looked on, Union troops launched several assaults. When Beauregard counterattacked, Union forces retreated offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune panic getting entangled with the retreating picnickers in the processbut Confederate forces failed to take up pursuit.

In its analysis of the Civil War's causes, the London Times rejected the notion that this was a war about slavery. It argued that the conflict had the same roots as most wars: But few Northerners or Southerners saw the war in such simple terms. To many white southern soldiers, it was a war to preserve their liberty and their way of life, to prevent abolition and its consequences--race war, racial amalgamation, and, according to one militant Southerner's words, "the Africanization of the South.

The pressure came from a handful of field commanders, Republicans in Congress, abolitionists, and slaves themselves. In MayGeneral Benjamin Butlerwho had been a lawyer and a politician before the offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune, had declared slaves who escaped to Union lines "contraband of war," not returnable to their masters. In August, Major General John C.

Fremont, commander of Union forces in Missouri, had issued an order freeing the slaves offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune Confederate sympathizers in Missouri. Lincoln, incensed by Fremont's assumption of authority and fearful that the measure would "alarm our Southern Union friends, and turn them against us," revoked the order, but allowed Union generals discretion in providing refuge to fugitive slaves.

Congress, too, adopted a series of antislavery measures. In Augustit passed a Confiscation Actvisit web page the seizure of all property, including slaves, used for Confederate military purposes.

Then in the Spring and Summer ofCongress abolished slavery in the District of Columbia and the territories; prohibited Union officers from returning fugitive slaves; allowed the President to enlist African Americans in the and called for offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune seizure of the Confederate property.

The border states' intransigence on the issue of slave emancipation also pushed the President in a more active direction. In the spring ofLincoln persuaded Congress to pass a resolution offering financial compensation to states that abolished slavery voluntarily. Three times, Lincoln met with border state members of Congress Gehaltsschema Casino einem in Online discuss the offer, and even discussed the possibility of emancipation offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune a year period.

In July, however, the Congressmen rejected Lincoln's offer. The Union officer responsible for capturing these forts was Ulysses S. Granta West Point graduate who had resigned from the army because of a drinking problem and who was working in his father's tanning shop when the war began.

In Februarygunboats under Grant's command took Fort Henry and ten days offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune, Grant's men took Fort Http://, forcing 13, Confederates to surrender.

Grant and some 42, men then proceeded south along the Tennessee River. A Confederate force of 40, men, under the command of Beauregard and General Joe Johnston who was killed on the first day of battle tried to surprise Grant before other Union forces could join this web page at the Battle offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune Shiloh.

In two days of heavy fighting during which there were 13, Union casualties and over 10, Confederate casualties, Grant successfully pushed back the southern forces. By early June, Union forces controlled the Mississippi River as far south as Memphis, Tennessee.

For many, Shiloh provided a rude awakening as to the offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune of the read article now underway.

The bloodiness of these two days the bloodiest two days of the war shocked many. There were more casualties at Shiloh than there had been at Waterloo, but as historian Shelby Foote noted, there were a dozen more such "Waterloos" to come. The reasons for the casualties have already been covered, but these reasons were not readily apparent to Americans at the time. Many blamed Grant for the casualties, and in response, Lincoln temporarily relieved Grant of his command of the Army of the West.

Later, however, Lincoln reinstated him, saying: During the Battle of Shiloh, both Grant and his subordinate, William Tecumseh Sherman, realized that this war would be one of conquest--that the South would never give up or give offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune. Yet many in the North still hoped for some compromise that would end the war.

While Grant was driving toward the Mississippi from the north, northern naval forces under Captain David G. Farragut attacked from the south. In AprilFarragut steamed past weak Confederate defenses and captured New Orleans.

In New Orleans, Union forces met repeated insults from the city's women. Major General Benjamin F. Butler ordered that any woman who behaved disrespectfully should be treated as a prostitutes. Reaction in the North was mixed. Southern reaction to "Beast" Butler was predictably harsh. New Orleans merchants did a brisk business selling chamber pots with General Butler's portrait stamped in the bottom!

The Confederacy was in desperate straits. The Confederate government had packed up its official records and was prepared to evacuate its capital. It had already lost most of Tennessee, much of the Mississippi Valley, offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune New Orleans, its largest city and most important port. Between March and June, Confederate forces suffered serious military defeats in Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Tennessee. In June, however, Robert E.

Lee assumed command of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia. As a diversionary move to prevent Union forces from concentrating on Richmond, Lee relied on General Thomas J.

Then in a series of between June 26 and July 2,known as the Seven Days' BattlesLee and Jackson forced McClellan, who mistakenly believed he was hopelessly outnumbered, to withdraw back to the James River.

Union forces still hoped to capture Richmond and bring the war to a quick end. But ten days after President Davis offered the following assessment of the conflict, Lee again repulsed a northern advance.

At the Second Battle of Bull RunOffizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune General John Pope who'd replaced McClellan as commander of the Army of the Potomac when Lincoln fired McClellan after the latter's retreat from Richmond found his army almost surrounded and retreated, giving the Confederacy almost total control of Virginia.

Following this defeat, Lincoln fired Pope and reinstated McClellan as head of the Army of the Potomac. The United States achieved independence in part because foreign countries such as France and Spain, entered the war against Britain on the American side.

The Confederacy, too, hoped for foreign aid. In a bold bid to win European support, the Confederacy sought to win a major victory on northern soil. In SeptemberLee launched a daring offensive into Maryland. Lee wanted to take the fighting out of Virginia, allowing the farmers there time to complete their fall article source which would help supply his army.

Moreover, by taking the fighting out of the South, he hoped to further anti-war sentiment in the North. No one on the Union side was sure exactly what Lee planned to do. But in an incredible stroke of luck, a copy of Lee's battle plan which had been wrapped around three cigars fell into the hands of Union General George B. McClellan, however, delayed for sixteen hours before acting on the new intelligence, giving Lee Igrosoft Spielautomaten to discover the fact that his original plans had fallen into enemy hands and make revisions.

Only when Confederate troops literally ran into McClellan's scouts did a battle take place. Thus, on September 17,McClellan's forces attacked Lee's at Antietam Creek, near Sharpsburg, Maryland. The Battle of Antietam which is sometimes referred to as the Battle of Sharpsburg produced the bloodiest single day of the Civil War. Lee read more 11, casualties; McClellan, 13, Lee was forced to retreat, allowing the North to declare the battle a Union victory.

But Union offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune failed to follow up on their surprise success and decisively defeat Lee's army. In Julyabout two months before President Lincoln issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, Congress adopted a second confiscation act calling for the offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune of the property of slaveholders who were actively engaged in the rebellion.

It seems unlikely source this act would have freed any slaves, since the federal government would have to prove that individual slaveholders Wie Geld auf macht 400 traitors.

In fact, one of the largest slaveholders offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune South Carolina was a Baltimore Unionist. Lincoln felt that Offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune lacked the legal authority to emancipate slaves; he believed that only the President acting as commander-in-chief had the authority to abolish slavery. On September 22,less than a week after the Battle of Antietam, President Lincoln met with his cabinet.

As one cabinet member, Samuel P. Chase, recorded in his diary, the President told them that he had "thought a great deal about the relation of this war to Slavery": You all remember that, several weeks ago, I read to you an Order I had prepared on this subject, which, since then, my mind has been much occupied with this subject, and I have thought all along that the time for acting on it might very offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune come.

I think the time has come now. I wish it were a better time. I wish that we were in a better condition. The action of the army against the rebels has not been quite what I should have best liked. But they have been driven out of Maryland, and Pennsylvania is no longer in danger of invasion. When the rebel army was at Frederick, I determined, as soon as it should be driven out of Maryland, to issue a Proclamation of Emancipation such as I thought most likely to be useful.

I said nothing to any one; but I made the promise to myself, and hesitating a little --to my Maker. The rebel army is driven out, and I am going to fulfill that promise.

The preliminary emancipation proclamation that President Lincoln issued on September 22 stated that all slaves in designated parts of the South on January offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune,would be freed.

The President hoped that slave emancipation would undermine the Confederacy from within. Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles reported that the President told him that freeing the slaves was "a military necessity, absolutely essential to the preservation of the Union The offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune [are] undeniably an element of strength to those who [have] their service, and we must decide whether that element should be with us or against us.

Fear of foreign intervention in the war also influenced Lincoln to consider emancipation. The Offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune had assumed, mistakenly, that demand for cotton from textile mills would lead Britain to break the Union naval blockade. Nevertheless, there was a real danger of European involvement in the war. By redefining the war as a war against slavery, Lincoln hoped to generate support from European liberals.

Even before Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, Postmaster General Montgomery Blaira former Democrat from Maryland, had warned the President that this decision might stimulate antiwar protests among northern Democrats and cost the offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune the fall elections. In fact, Peace Democrats did protest against the proclamation and Lincoln's assumption of powers not specifically granted by the Constitution. Among the "abuses" they denounced were his unilateral decision to call out the militia to suppress the "insurrection," impose a blockade of southern ports, expand the army beyond the limits set by law, spend federal funds without prior congressional authorization, and suspend the writ of habeas corpus the right of persons under arrest to have their case heard in offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune. The Lincoln administration imprisoned about 13, people without trial the war, and shut Democratic newspapers in New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago for varying amounts of time.

In Octoberthe London Times dismissed the preliminary emancipation proclamation as an empty gesture. Lincoln will set the Negroes free," the newspaper commented; "where he retains power he will consider them as slaves. This offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune more like a Chinaman beating his two swords together to frighten his enemy than like an earnest man pressing forward his cause.

Online-Casino-Leistungs-Verhältnis europäischen recent years, check this out has sometimes been charged that the Emancipation Proclamation did not free any slaves, since it applied only to areas that were in a state of rebellion, and explicitly exempted the border states, Tennessee, and offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune of Louisiana and Virginia.

This view is go here. The proclamation did officially and immediately free slaves in South Carolina's sea islands, Florida, and some other locations occupied by Union troops. Certainly, the Emancipation Proclamation was only a crucial first toward complete emancipation, but in effect it transformed the Union forces into an army of liberation.

At the time he issued the preliminary proclamation, Lincoln defended it as a war measure necessary to defeat the Confederacy and preserve the Union. But it seems clear that Lincoln offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune this argument as necessary on tactical click the following article. When he issued the final proclamation on January 1,he described it not only as "a fit and necessary war measure for suppressing said rebellion," but an "act of justice.

THE WAR BETWEEN THE STATES I A Note on hyperlinks: A number of battles throughout click two lectures are hyperlinked.

However, you are not required to use them; they are merely provided for further clarification of battle information. Southern delegates in dem das Casino besser online spielen that the party endorse a federal code to guarantee the rights of slaveholders in the territories. When the convention rejected the proposal, delegates from the deep South walked out. The remaining delegates reassembled wo Maschinen spielen Geld für Moskau in weeks later in Baltimore and selected Stephen Douglas as their candidate.

Southern Democrats proceeded to choose John C. Breckinridge as their presidential nominee. The convention issued a declaration in which offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune attempted to justify its decision. Drawing on arguments developed by John C. Calhoun, the convention held that offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune states were sovereign entities that could leave the Union as freely as they joined.

Among the many indictments of the northern states and people, nothing seems more central than the issue of trust with respect to the capture and return fugitive slaves.

Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. Unlike South Carolina, where secessionist sentiment was almost universal, there was significant opposition in the other states. Although an average of 80 percent of the delegates at secession conventions favored immediate secession, the elections at which these delegates were chosen were very close, particularly in Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana. To be sure, many voters who opposed immediate secession were not unconditional Unionists.

But the resistance to immediate secession did offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune that some kind of compromise was still possible. In Aprilthe Democratic party assembled in Charleston, South Carolina to select a presidential nominee. Convinced that a Republican administration offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune attempt to undermine slavery by appointing antislavery judges, postmasters, military officers, and other officials, a secession convention in South Carolina voted unanimously to secede from the Union on December 20, In just three weeks, between January 9, and February 1, six states of the Deep South joined South Carolina in leaving the Union: Many Northerners felt confident of a quick victory.

Inthe Union states had Not only did the Union have more manpower, it also had a larger navy, a more developed railroad system, and a stronger manufacturing base. The North had 1. Northern factories manufactured nine times as many industrial goods as the South; seventeen times as many cotton and woolen goods; thirty times as many boots offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune shoes; twenty times click to see more much pig iron; twenty-four times as many railroad locomotives--and 33 times offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune many firearms.

The Civil War was the deadliest war in American history. Altogether, overdied in the conflict, more than World War I and World War II combined. A soldier was 13 times more likely to die in the Civil War than in the Vietnam war. Any hopes for a swift northern victory in the Civil War were dashed at the First Battle of Bull Run called Manassas by the Confederates.

After the surrender of Fort Sumter, two Union armies moved into northern Virginia. One, led by General Offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune McDowellhad about 35, men; the other, with about 18, men was led by General Robert Patterson They were opposed by two Confederate armies, with about 31, troops, one led by General Joseph E.

Johnston led by General Pierre G. Both Union and Confederate armies consisted of poorly trained volunteers. In reference to offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune First Battle of Bull Run, why did the battle occur there, and not, say, ten miles east offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune west?

Here, understanding the overall strategy of the war helps you understand the tactics of specific battles. Offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune town of Manassas served as a railroad junction. Railroads and rivers proved pivotal in the war as avenues by which an army could transport men and supplies.

Thus, capture of Manassas would have given the Union army a connection to a railroad line that could possibly take them as far as the new Confederate capitol of Richmond. Capturing Richmond offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune one of the two main elements of Union strategy throughout the war. This offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune why, offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune year later, the Union would attack again offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune the very same place.

In JulyCongress adopted a resolution by a vote of to 2 in the House and 30 to 5 in the Senate that read: Nevertheless, opponents of slavery regarded the war as a providential opportunity to destroy slavery and the slave power. In Http:// stated: Click here for a map of the battle.

Under the Anaconda Plan, Union forces source the Offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune were to seize control of the Mississippi River while Union forces in the East tried to capture the new Confederate capital in Richmond. In the western theater, the Confederates had built two forts, Fort Donelson along the Cumberland River and Fort Henry on the Tennessee River, which controlled offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune Kentucky and western Tennessee region and blocked the Union's path please click for source the Mississippi.

The Civil War witnessed a will to destroy and a spirit of intolerance that conflicted with Americans' self-image as a tolerant people committed to compromise. Geld Admiral wie man only did the conflict see the use of shrapnel and booby traps, it reportedly saw a few southern women wear necklaces made of Union soldiers' teeth.

In a notorious order, Union General Ulysses S. Grant expelled all Jews from his military department on the grounds that they were speculating offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune cotton. In the eastern theater, having failed to reach Richmond by frontal assault, the commander of the Army of the Potomac, General George McClellan, devised a plan offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune attack Richmond "through the back door.

In MarchMcClellan landed overmen on the peninsula, only to find his path along offizielles Online-Casino Ruby Fortune James River blocked by an iron-clad Confederate warship, the Virginia. Nevertheless by May, McClellan's forces were within six miles of Richmond.

Antietam Creek bridge after the battle. Antietam Creek bridge today. Proceed to Next Lecture. Digital History, "The Civil War," accessed November Ken Burns' Civil War, http:

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