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This website is a collaborative project of 16 German-speaking cantons. It provides information about the dangers of gambling, possible consequences and various options for seeking help, not only for Gamblers themselves but also their loved ones. If you speak German, you can call our helpline anonymously and get professional help.

You can also ask questions online; however, this service is only available in German. Your questions will be answered within two working days. Both services are free. It is possible to have an interpreter present for a beraten die Online-Casino-Forum. Further information is available here.

Have beraten die Online-Casino-Forum ever lied to learn more here who more info or were important to you about the extent of your gambling? If you answered one or both of these questions with yes, you may have a gambling problem and it is advisable for you to seek help.

You have a responsible approach to gambling. Do you want to keep informed? The detailed self-test could be interesting for you. For Affected Information and help. For Relatives Information and help. Information Gambling What is Gambling Addiction? Who becomes a Gambling Addict? Which games of chance make people addictive? What help is available for people with a Gambling Addiction? Illegal Gambling Information about gambling and addiction to gambling Help.

Self-assessment for gamblers 1. Yes No If you answered one or both of these questions with beraten die Online-Casino-Forum, you may have a gambling problem and it is advisable for you to seek help.

The detailed self-test could be interesting for you Self-assessment for gamblers. Choose your location Aargau. Ein gemeinsames Angebot von 16 Kantonen Aargau, Beraten die Online-Casino-Forum AR, Appenzell IR, Basel Land, Basel Stadt, Bern, Graubünden, Glarus, Luzern, Beraten die Online-Casino-Forum, Obwalden, Solothurn, St. Gallen, Thurgau, Uri, Zug.


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